It's not surprising Aaron Hill was one of the first players in the Diamondbacks clubhouse Thursday morning. The second baseman had never climbed on a bus that was taking a team to a Major League Baseball postseason game before. The team boarded a flight in the afternoon and headed for Milwaukee, where they begin their National League Division Series on Saturday. Hill was enjoying every aspect of playoff preparation. What's not to enjoy? The room was loose. Joe Saunders tweaked Zach Duke for his mustache. "You look very bikerish," he said. Sean Burroughs acted giddy about his McDonald's Monopoly game. And Lyle Overbay was making it clear he wouldn't let Hill slip up during the playoffs. "I'll put a foot down on him if he doesn't produce," he said, laughing. Why shouldn't Hill, 29, be happy? For all seven-plus years of his professional career he was with the Toronto Blue Jays, a team that hasn't been to the postseason since 1993. After being sent to the Diamondbacks along with shortstop John McDonald for Kelly Johnson on Aug. 23, he joined an organization in the heat of a playoff race and a group of players that welcomed his arrival.