As most of you know by now, Craig Sager’s leukemia is no longer in remission. The somber news has hit the NBA community hard with players and coaches reaching out in their own way.

Last night his fellow sideline reporters honored the veteran reporter by dressing a little flashy. Numerous sideline reporters dressed in Craig Sager inspired colorful outfits, something the TNT reporter has made his trademark over the years.

Below are a sample that have surfaced on Twitter under #SidelineforSager.

It’s great that Sager is getting a chance to see how influential he’s been to the sports community. Generally, when we pay tribute to someone they never get to see it, as it happens after they’ve passed. Being a sideline reporter in sports seems like a horrible and thankless job, your chasing people down for information and sticking a microphone in their face, whether they want you there or not. Maybe in 2016 with technology and social media its not even a necessary position in a sports broadcast. But the 64-year old and his eccentric wardrobe have left a mark on the NBA and I’m sure it is validating for him to see the influence he's had and the respect he garners from his peers.

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