Former NBA small forward Stephen Jackson is making David Fizdale’s firing all about Chandler Parsons. On Monday, Jackson took to Instagram expressing his displeasure with the 7-12 Grizzlies decision to ax Fizdale after two seasons in Memphis, calling out Parsons in the process. “U give 100 million to a guy that don’t even care about the game or winning but u expect a coach to make a miracle happen,” Jackson, 39, shared with his 120,000 followers, along with a lengthy, but stinging caption that included, “Fire Chandler Parsons.” Parsons, 29, who signed a four-year, $95 million contract with the Grizzlies last July, caught wind of Jackson’s comment and immediately fired back. “It’s wild to me that someone who has been in my shoes, knows how hard it is to get here, and knows how bad injuries suck, to hate so hard,” Parsons replied. “I don’t love the game cuz i had 3 knee surgeries? u make no sense and sound bitter. nba is a brotherhood. stop hatin.”