Austin Reaves and his future with the Los Angeles Lakers have been generating all the buzz after his game-winning performance against the Orlando Magic. And former NBA star Chandler Parsons believes the guard deserves more than a $50 million contract.

Sharing his thoughts on The Athletic's Sham's Charania's views on how Reaves was looking at a four-year, $50 million deal — the maximum that LA could offer, Parsons believed the latter was worth a lot more. “I think he gets more… "he said. "Hit him with that Chandler Parsons contract, yeah, make it hard on the Lakers and I think he is out."

It should be noted that there have been instances when the Lakers have let some of the best and brightest in their fold go (Alex Caruso for one), but they can't afford to make that slip with Reaves who has been one of the more impressive faces for the side this season.