Chandler Jones‘ brother is one of the best mixed-martial artists in the world, and his original plan for the offseason was to do some MMA training with him. Jon “Bones” Jones was preparing for a championship fight with Chael Sonnen, so the younger Jones had to change his training plans. But that didn’t keep the Patriots defensive end from adding some new skills to his repertoire. “I didn’t go down and train with him, but I did do some boxing right over in providence with Brandon Deaderick,” the younger Jones said. “It was great training. Very great training.” Jones doesn’t remember the name of the gym, but he did find the workouts to be beneficial. He feels he can still get even better before the start of the 2013 season. “I’m still working on it,” Jones added. “It’s a process — you can’t just wake up and get bigger and stronger.” Jones will need to add strength in order to avoid the sophomore slump next season, but his new workouts should at least give him an upper hand in that quest.