The Mike Bibby in Game 1 of this series was a Mike Bibby very familiar to Heat fans: 0 for 4 from the field, 0 for 3 on 3-pointers. Then something remarkable happened: Bibby hit a shot in Game 2, a 3-pointer. And two more in Game 3, a pair of 3-pointers. And two more in Game 4, again, both 3-pointers. To put that in perspective, consider that during the Heat's run through the 2011 NBA Finals, Bibby shot .281 from the field, .258 on 3-pointers. Through four games of this series, he already has nearly a third as many 3-pointers as he did through 20- appearances last postseason (benched in Game 6 of the NBA Finals in favor of Mario Chalmers).