Chaim Bloom has a pretty big offseason in front of him.

The Boston Red Sox’s new chief baseball officer inherited a team with a lot of work to be done this offseason. He’s been tasked with slashing payroll, while considering what to do about the uncertain situation surrounding, most notably, Mookie Betts. J.D. Martinez not exercising the opt-out clause in his contract is a good thing in many respects, but it also complicates things a little bit, as well.

Bloom joined WEEI’s Rob Bradford on the “Bradfo Sho,” and was asked about the situation with Betts. Here’s what he had to say, as transcribed by Bradford:

“I certainly know a lot more than I did on the day that I got here. Not just about him but about a lot of guys. Everything that surrounds his situation, but chiefly because of how excellent a player he is that seems to be the No. 1 topic on everyone’s mind."