Through just one week of Washington Redskins’ organized team activities, it seems as though Kirk Cousins-to-Terrelle Pryor Sr. is going to be a living highlight reel through training camp and beyond. Pryor, 6-4 and 223 pounds, is Hercules in shorts and, so far, Jay Gruden has been eager for Cousins to throw to him deep. It’s a tantalizing combination. It’s not quite polished yet, though. Washington quarterbacks targeted Pryor on a number of deep routes in the Redskins’ first OTA session open to the media last Wednesday and Pryor failed to come down with a few of them, but give it time. “There’s a lot different,” Pryor said. “You know, I’m bigger and my body movement is different than I’m sure some guys that [Cousins] played with. You know, he played with guys that are about 6-foot, 5-11, guys like that. I think the movement and how I run and how it’s deceptive, it’s kind of like, it doesn’t look like I’m really flying but I’m flying.” Cousins‘ top two wide receiver targets were Pierre Garcon (6-foot) and DeSean Jackson (5-10) last season. While Pryor doesn’t have the speed of a player like, say, Jackson, he does cover an awful lot of ground per stride. It takes some getting used to, but Pryor’s size is certainly an asset.