Count Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne among those who agree with the organizational philosophy to have the soon-to-be-drafted passer watch for a little while. And it’s only partly because it means Henne will begin this season as the starter. He speaks from experience. Henne was a second-round pick (No. 57 overall) by Miami six years ago this month. As a rookie, he attempted 12 passes in three relief appearances. “I had a pretty good preseason (in 2008 — 351 yards, one TD and two interceptions), but there was a lot to learn and I’m pretty thankful I sat out that first year, learning a lot from Chad [Pennington] – the film work, the prep and going through the whole process,” Henne said. Henne started 2009 as the Dolphins’ backup but was thrust into a starting role when Pennington sustained a season-ending shoulder injury in Week 3.