New York Yankees Catcher, Francisco Cervelli, has been linked to the Biogenesis clinic you've heard so much about in the news. He appears on a list alongside Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun and Baltimore Orioles Danny Valencia, however none of them are linked to any specific drug at this time. Apparently they were left off the initial report because people like Braun only had a dollar amount next to their name. If Cervelli is taking PEDs you have to wonder if it really even should be a banned substance, because they obviously didn't do anything. More importantly, if the Yankee catching picture wasn't already in dire straights before, imagine what it would be like if Cervelli was suspended for 50 games. Would the Yankees go with a Chris Stewart/Bobby Wilson platoon? Could they realistically bring Austin Romine up to be the everyday catcher? Would they make a desperation trade for a serviceable catcher? (hide everyone!) Cervelli hasn't been in the good graces of the organization for quite some time, this situation could make it even more difficult for him to make the team and could even lead to the Yankees cutting ties with him altogether. This is all just speculation right now, obviously, but I figured I'd try to get a head start on the gossip train.