Five young adults from Rockland County sat in the first row on the Garden baseline near the Rockets bench Thursday, each with a paper bag over his head. “The Knicks stink and Melo is a bum,’’ one of the bagged men, 19-year-old Kevin Monroe, told The Post. “That’s the message we’re sending.” The bagged men were shown on TNT’s telecast, officially securing the Knicks as a national basketball disaster. The fans’ bag trend first began in New Orleans in early December and a couple of fans donned bags on Christmas at Garden. When the Knicks will bag their next victory is anyone’s guess. They extended their franchise-record losing streak to 14 games and Garden losing streak to a record 11 games in a 120-96 rout by the Rockets as they fell to 5-34. Phil Jackson and his white beard were back in his Garden seat — not too far from the bag men — to see his post-fire sale Knicks live for the first time. The Zen Master has not spoken to the media since the Monday sale that sent away established rotation veterans Samuel Dalembert, J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert. Jackson may soon want to wear a bag over his own head around Manhattan. When a reporter stood by Jackson’s black Escalade in the bowels of the Garden with two minutes left in the game, he was shooed away by security.