Late Friday night, there remained a maze of postseason scenarios to navigate and, therefore, no shortage of curiosity about where and how the Blackhawks would emerge from it. So Corey Crawford was asked if, naturally, his gaze would wander toward the scoreboards to see how other teams' fates were affecting his own club's fortunes. "Uh, yeah, probably," the Hawks goalie said. "It's important." It's also not that complicated anymore. Assuring the postseason is just one tiny point away for the Stanley Cup champions, and accruing it Sunday in the regular-season finale against the Red Wings is the surest way to extend the campaign into late April. And the surest way to do that is to approach matters with desperation, which happens to have been the demand on the Hawks for approximately, oh, 2011. "It's the biggest game," Hawks defenseman Brian Campbell said. "(Friday) was the biggest game before that, and the game before that was the biggest game. They're all big to us. They've been like that for a while." There is only one other scenario that ends with the Hawks in the playoffs: a Stars loss or shootout victory Sunday evening in Minnesota. "It's nothing new for us, but it's a lot better to be deciding your own fate instead of worrying about someone else," Crawford said.