The Boston Celtics signed Shavlik Randolph to a 10-day contract because they needed another big man in their front court. If they ever need an entertainer, they now have one of those as well. "I love playing the piano," Randolph enthusiastically told "I love playing the piano and I do a mean Michael Jackson impression dancing." Let's take these talents one at a time. Randolph grew up in a musically-inclined family in Raleigh, North Carolina. While gaining national attention as a standout high school basketball player, he was also honing his skills as a self-taught pianist. "I started playing piano in high school for fun," Randolph explained. "I learned how to play by ear. It took me a couple of years. I usually just stick to R&B. … Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, that's kind of what I can pick up and play easiest." He continued, "It's a nice way of expression. I come from a pretty musical background. My brother is actually great at the guitar, so compared to him, they make fun of me. But I consider myself pretty good." Randolph enhanced his musical talents when he suffered a broken ankle early into the 2006-07 season. Unable to be on the court, he spent his free time at the piano. "When I broke my ankle when I was with the (Philadelphia) Sixers, I couldn't work out for like a year, I couldn't do anything, so I was solid at it then," he said. In spite of a hectic basketball schedule, Randolph has still found time to play the piano during the season. When he isn't practicing or competing in a game, he likes to take time out to perform a few melodies.