First, there’s the anecdotal evidence, like the pass Rajon Rondo bounced off Kris Humphries’ chin Tuesday night in New York. Rondo’s return to the Celtics lineup has been filled with short circuits like this, as teammates attempt to adapt to his way of thinking, and his way of seeing. Then there’s the obvious statistical stuff, like an 0-6 Celtics record in Rondo’s six games, or an 88.2 scoring average when sharing the floor with a top-5 point guard. Rondo is the first to admit that he’s far from himself at this stage, but let’s not overlook who he’s playing with, either. Thanks to Danny Ainge’s housecleaning, there are four Celtics remaining from when he last played ­— Jeff Green, Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass and Jared Sullinger. “We pretty much have all new guys — guys that he hasn’t really played with,” said Gerald Wallace, one of the strangers. “He didn’t play with many of the bigs, and he didn’t really play with Jared that much last year. “I think it’s 50-50 as far as us getting used to him and him to us.” The Celtics finally have time, though, to work on their chemistry with Rondo in something other than a game situation. “It’s acclimation,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens said. The team will practice today and tomorrow before hosting Orlando in their Super Bowl Sunday tuneup. Rondo, who sat out Wednesday’s loss to Philadelphia because of his restriction on the second night of back-to-back games, thus has some classroom time. “I think a lot,” he said earlier this week when asked how much the team has to get acclimated to him. “Jordan (Crawford) and I play two different styles. With time it will help, but we don’t have any time, so we have to continue to get better each game.” There probably couldn’t be a bigger contrast, from Crawford’s shoot-first playmaking style to Rondo’s purer instincts.