File this one under Captain Obvious: Could the impending All-Star break be any better timed than it is for the Celtics? Now that it appears yet another key cog in the rotation, Leandro Barbosa, is gone for the season, it's tough to fathom any other NBA team who needs the upcoming respite more than the C's. Maybe the Minnesota Timberwolves, who have had injury problems even worse that the Celts have. Perhaps the Dallas Mavericks, who are arguably the league's most disappointing outfit. Or the Lakers, a team on which everyone seems to hate everyone else like you read about, just for the sake of getting away from each other for a few days. But the Celtics, who are fresh off a seven-game winning streak and close out this half of their season against the Bulls on Wednesday night at the TD Garden, are tired, injured and in need of some help.