As we seek to learn which way the waves will break for the Celtics in this offseason, we find it interesting that certain myths have become, at least to some folks, reality. The popular one from a few months ago — that the Celts would be better without Rajon Rondo — has been pronounced deceased even by those who kept it on life support while defying logic. But there are others, too, from this season. Like the one where Kevin Garnett put the kibosh on the deal with the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe because he refused to waive his no-trade clause. The truth of the matter is that it never got to the point where KG was asked to vote, or even declare his party affiliation. There was, as reported here, some measure of discord within the Clippers organization on the issue. According to multiple sources, coach Vinny Del Negro was in favor of the trade, believing it would give the club the best chance to win this season. With the benefit of hindsight, it seems certain the deal couldn’t have made things any worse for the Clips, who were, like the Celts, eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. But upper management balked and held fast as arguments were made regarding the potential for short-term success. “The Clippers were never going to make that trade,” said one Western Conference executive. “They have to worry about what Chris Paul’s going to do after this season, and I’d really be interested to know if they talked to him about this. They had to.” The bottom line is that Del Negro didn’t get what he wanted, and now he’s awaiting a meeting to determine whether he’ll be coaching the Clippers next season. Another myth that got loud traction during the six-game loss to the Knicks was that the Celtics could have saved their season by getting another point guard after Rondo went down on the last weekend of January. The short answer is, do you really think Jannero Pargo would have gotten the Celts to the conference finals?