The Celtics were hoping to reach one of two goals by the 2013 NBA trade deadline, and, largely because of circumstances beyond their control, it’s fair to say they didn’t quite make it to either destination. The primary, and more difficult, aim was to pull a key player out of the league’s hat and put the Celts back in the contender’s conversation for this season. And while Jordan Crawford will give them an explosive scorer who can get them a game here and there, his acquisition yesterday for Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins didn’t alter the Vegas odds on the Celts. The secondary target took into consideration just how difficult it is to picture the Celtics without Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger and Barbosa playing basketball in June. That image was hard to conjure even before the Surgery Three were lost for the season. So, according to all sources, Danny Ainge looked heavily at dealing away Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, if it meant the Celts could get a big head start on the reconstruction that will commence in earnest when those two leave the game or the team, whichever comes first. It is known that the C’s were very much interested in DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe from the Clippers for Garnett, and they had talks about Pierce with the Nets and others. “We were in discussions for a lot of different things, but nothing beyond what we did was right,” said Ainge. One of the obstacles in the way of the Celtics getting more things done is the fact they were looking at so many different types of deals, for now and for the future. Where, for example, Atlanta was mainly focused on seeing what it could fetch for Josh Smith, the C’s were said to be extremely busy talking about many of their players. “You know what? I think that a lot of teams find themselves in that position,” said Ainge. “You know, I’m trying to make our team better. That was my objective, but when other alternatives come before you, you have to look at all alternatives. So there was a time that I was talking about almost all the players, just trying to figure out value and what my options were. There was a lot of that that went on at this trade deadline.”