When Gordon Hayward broke his ankle on opening night of the NBA season it felt like that was the end of it. The scene was gruesome and it didn't feel like there was any chance he'd return this season. The Celtics have managed to be one of the NBA's best teams without him, but it's left everybody wondering what they could be with Hayward. That question might be answered this season after all. When Hayward was asked about a potential return this season he sounded surprisingly optimistic about the idea of a return. Of course, he still isn't sure if that's happening or when. "My mind is open to that," Hayward said of the possibility of returning to game action before season's end. "I'm trying to get back as fast as I can. It all depends on how I heal, and taking it day-by-day, goal by goal. We'll see what happens." ... "I don't know that timetable to be honest," he said of how long he'll be in the brace. "I'm focused on each day, each week. I know I just got in this, so it's probably a little while. Probably a little while longer." Hayward's status going from season over to "we'll see what happens" is a massive improvement. The idea of him returning at all this season sounded crazy after the injury, but he recently had his walking boot taken off showing some real progress since the injury.