Danny Ainge is confident that Jayson Tatum is going to be a good pro for a long time. This much is clear not only from his quotes, such as when he said "[Jayson's] going to be a terrific player" on draft night, but also from the fact that he was willing to pass on everyone else in a highly-anticipated draft class to grab Tatum. His high hopes, however, do not include Tatum winning this season's Rookie of the Year award. Not because he's not good enough be named the top rookie of his class, but because Ainge says he simply doesn't think he'll play enough to get the kind of numbers that are usually necessary to win the award. Via the Boston Globe: "I think Terry [Rozier] and Marcus [Smart] are really ready to step up," Ainge said. "And Jayson and Jaylen we can be a little bit more patient with, but they are going to play an important role." "We'll see what minutes [Tatum] will earn. I'm not worried about how they will play when the lights go on. It will be unlikely that Jayson is Rookie of the Year because it will probably come from a team that starts their rookies and plays them 35 minutes per night."