Twice, Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown fouled Toronto Raptors star DeMar DeRozan on jump shots Sunday afternoon. "Stay down," someone on the Celtics bench shouted after the first one. "Stay down," came the call again before the second. It's a tough thing to stay on the floor while DeRozan fakes a shot once, twice, sometimes more often, patiently waiting for his defender to react. But after the early mishaps, Brown contested DeRozan's go-ahead try without fouling in the final seconds. The turnaround bounced off the rim, allowing the Celtics to hold onto their 12th straight win, 95-94, and giving Brown the chance to shake off all his troubles with DeRozan's up fakes. Stay down? "Easier said than done," Brown said. "He'll pump fake and pump fake and pump fake until he gets you off your feet. I'm thinking like, 'He's gotta be shooting one of these (expletives).' But he'll keep pump faking and pump faking and pump faking, and you have to do a good job of staying down." Despite forcing DeRozan into the late miss, Brown knew the Raptors star got a good look on the final possession. DeRozan faked a spin one way, turned back the other, and had enough separation to take a clean jumper.