Before CC Sabathia signed a blockbuster seven-year, $161-million contract with the New York Yankees in 2008, he had his sights set on joining the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"That offseason I'm thinking I'm going to the Dodgers," Sabathia recently said on the Bleav in Dodgers with Brett Tomko & Josh Luke. "I'm a free agent, I'm a Cali guy. They always have a bunch of money. It's an historic place to play. So I'm looking at places in L.A. Like, I'm already locked in on living in L.A."

It ultimately came down to money, according to the 2007 American League Cy Young winner, who was fresh off a dominating half-season with the Milwaukee Brewers before entering free agency that year.

"I go to the Winter Meetings and meet with Ned Colletti, and he's like, 'We don't have enough money to sign you,'" Sabathia explained. "Because the Yankees had already offered me that deal. So he was like, 'We really don’t have enough to sign you.'"