Is Tom Brady one of the five smartest quarterbacks in the NFL? Not if you ask Richard Sherman. The Seahawks cornerback wrote a story for on Friday listing the five smartest quarterbacks in the NFL and Brady didn't make the cut. Peyton Manning was on the list. Drew Brees was on the list. Tom Brady wasn't on the list. Although Sherman did list Brady in his honorable mention section. "If this were a top 6, he'd be in there," Sherman wrote. "Tom Brady is one of the hardest to intercept, and still has one of the best arms in the league, but this was the year the young guys took a step forward." Sherman and Brady have kind of been at odds since last season when Brady said he was going to try and keep the Seahawks noisy fan base quiet and turn Seahawks fans on their own team. The Patriots ended up losing to Seattle and Sherman made a 'U MAD BRO' meme directed at Brady that quickly went viral.