As a second-year cornerback, Jalen Ramsey doesn’t believe he’s drawing enough respect around the NFL that he deserves. Not lacking confidence, he wants to be regarded as the best cornerback in the league and by his own estimation he has already proved it on the field. But he doesn’t mind getting another chance to back up his words on Sunday at EverBank Field when he will be matched up against Cincinnati Bengals six-time Pro Bowl receiver A.J. Green. “It don’t matter who you put up in front of Jalen,’’ Ramsey said. “Watch on Sunday. Whatever receiver lines up on me, I’m going to get your respect. By the end of the game, you are going to respect who I am and respect how I play.’’ Ramsey, the fifth overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft out of Florida State, has been delivering. Although Ramsey has been targeted 38 times after seven games, the receivers he’s covered have made only 17 catches for 191 yards, according to Times-Union game charting. In Week 5, Ramsey admitted that Pittsburgh Steelers elite receiver Antonio Brown was one of the best he’s faced in his 23-game NFL career.