Cornerback Cary Williams arrived in Philadelphia this offseason signing a three-year $17 million deal after winning a Super Bowl with the Ravens. He was brought in to add some much-needed toughness to a unit that was mediocre against the run (17th overall in 2012 according to Football Outsiders) and nonexistent against the pass (dead last in the league). Through the first few weeks of training camp not much appears to have changed. The Patriots and Eagles held joint practices in the days leading up to last Friday's preseason opener a development that may have had something to do with Tom Brady carving up Philly's secondary. Whatever the reason Williams won't stand idly by as the defense gets steamrolled. During a scrimmage last week he started a fight with Pats rookie wide receiver Aaron Dobson. Williams was promptly ejected. The reason for the scuffle? To send the message that the Eagles won't be pushovers. Apparently the Patriots came into the NovaCare Complex flapping their gums something that never would have happened when Williams was with the Ravens. "No question" Williams said via "They came in there talking. They had a lot of jokes and he-hes and laughs a lot of dirty plays that were going on. So there was a reason behind what I did there was a reason behind the madness. "At the end of the day I've still got to do things the way Coach wants me to do it and I understand that. But it definitely would have been a different situation if it was in Baltimore. It wouldn't have been a fun practice for the Patriots I can tell you that. ... “I feel like we need the nasty no question" Williams continued. "I feel like we need to establish a tenacity a hard-nosed defense something that is to be feared when it comes out there each and every week. I think Brian Dawkins alluded to it a couple times when I spoke to him he's talking about ‘Bring that fear back here.' Right now I don't know if there's anybody out there in this league that fears this defense especially after last week. So I think we have to come together find a way to get back to those old days when Brian Dawkins was here and strike the fear in individuals and teams.