Random thoughts on the Cavaliers' never-ending run of fun and fury: 1. It's been insane. That's really the only way to explain the Cavs' offseason. But when you consider the past four years, and the fact LeBron James has returned to Cleveland, it's been crazy in a good (even great) way. 2. Not long after the season, the Cavs won the NBA Draft lottery -- again. They later named David Griffin the full-time general manager. That same day, they announced Mike Brown was fired as coach. Warning: If your head is already spinning, stop reading at once. 3. After a search that went about 10 deep, the Cavs finally hired David Blatt. Blatt has only coached overseas, so the hire made headlines worldwide. In another unprecedented move, the Cavs hired their second-leading candidate, Tyronn Lue, as Blatt's lead assistant. Yeah, that happened. 4. To recap, that's a new GM, a new coach and a new top assistant. But they didn't get to that point quietly. First, they created a stir by interviewing the likes of former Cavs star Mark Price and reportedly reaching out to big-name college dudes such as John Calipari and Billy Donovan. At any rate, we're already coming up on point No. 5 and we haven't even gotten out of the front office. 5. Along with all that, the Cavs and their fans went back and forth on what to do with the top overall pick. For at least a month, the often-heated debate for fans was Andrew Wiggins vs. Jabari Parker. The Cavs went with Wiggins. 6. After that, the sports world froze. Everything just stopped. LeBron James opted out of his contract with the Heat -- and didn't come out and say he was returning to Miami. In fact, he didn't say a word. The often-heated debate for fans then turned into the Heat vs. the Cavs. LeBron went with the Cavs. 7. And literally about five minutes after James announced his decision, the sports world stopped again. Will LeBron's former teammates Mike Miller and Ray Allen join him with the Cavs? (Affirmative on Miller; no word yet on Allen.) Will LeBron play with Wiggins? Does LeBron want Timberwolves star Kevin Love instead? Can the Cavs really only have one? Hey, why not both? Either way, the often-heated debate for fans is now Wiggins vs. Love. 8. Oh, to create some financial room for James, the Cavs traded Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev (to the Nets) and Tyler Zeller (to the Celtics). They also traded Alonzo Gee (to the Pelicans) and Scotty Hopson, who you've probably still never heard of (to the Hornets). In return, the Cavs received old-and-banged-up-but-maybe-still-effective center Brendan Haywood and second-round pick Dwight Powell, another big man.