Ever since the shocking news broke that Kyrie Irving wanted to part ways with the Cavaliers, the narrative coming out of Cleveland is that the less-than-happy star guard simply one day decided to request a trade. It was a shocking development -- especially to everyone outside of the organization. However, according to a tidbit from Jackie MacMullan's new article about Irving, it was actually the Cavs who were the first to look into trading Irving. Via ESPN: For many, the swap from the Cavaliers to the Celtics last August was vexing. Irving was a champion on a contending franchise with a transcendent star, LeBron James. Who walks away from that? What they didn't know was Cleveland had explored trading Kyrie in June, long before he asked out, a fact conveniently omitted when word of his demand leaked. Irving made the decision to remain silent while the details of his request were, in his word, "distorted." "I didn't feel the need to say anything because I knew the truth, and so did they," he says. "So it didn't matter what others said." Still, for a split second, Irving winces, as though someone has pricked him with a pin.