As Kyrie Irving inches tantalizingly closer to that elite class of players in the NBA, he is also creeping toward another elite, equally lucrative status within the league: A star endorser. The success of Irving's "Uncle Drew" character in the Pepsi Max series has swung open a whole new world for the Cavs' star. His latest venture with Foot Locker, a spoof on all those slow-motion dunk highlight videos, is already drawing high praise from marketing experts in the industry. As more people learn of Irving's acting skills, the demand is increasing. "If you make a list of the best actors who also have a sports connection, he's edging into that list that includes LeBron, Shaq, Dwight Howard and Kobe," ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell said. "When you're thinking about executing an ad with copy, those are the guys you go to. Kyrie is edging into that group." The reigning Rookie of the Year now has endorsements with Nike, Pepsi Max, Foot Locker, Skullcandy and EA Sports. He has a memorabilia and trading card deal with Panini, local sponsorships with a window company and a car dealer in Northeast Ohio and a few more agreements nearing completion.