As the recently concluded NBA Finals becomes part of the league's history, basketball fans can now safely turn their attention to the looming offseason. As usual, the period starts with next Thursday's NBA Draft, a night when every prospect turns into a potential All-Star and every franchise sets itself up for a bright future. In recent seasons, the top of draft has been in doubt up until the very moment selections were made. This year, the top three of Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, and Andrew Wiggins has seemingly been marked in ink for several months. Yet the order in which those players are picked could decide the NBA's power structure for a decade or more — just ask Greg Oden and Kevin Durant. Will the Cleveland Cavaliers avoid Embiid out of fear that back injuries put his long-term viability in doubt? Will Wiggins, once considered the best wing prospect since LeBron James, fall out of fear that he needs polishing? Or will Australian guard Dante Exum throw long-held beliefs into doubt and vault into the first trio of picks? As ever, these questions will remain difficult to answer with certainty until commissioner Adam Silver starts announcing picks. However, if two recent reports can be believed, then two of the top three teams are starting to focus on their primary targets. Let's start with the Cavs, who can choose whomever they want.