The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Phoenix Suns are tied for third place in the NBA Draft lottery standings heading into the final three games. And, separately, either Phoenix or Cleveland will end up in better position for a second first round pick, depending on whether the Los Angeles Lakers with a now-injured Kobe Bryant can hold on to the final playoff spot in the West. Cleveland and Phoenix are deadlocked at 24-55 for the third spot. A third-place lottery team has a 16 percent chance of picking No. 1 and about a 50-50 shot at picking somewhere in the top three. If there is a tie, the Cavs and Suns would essentially split their chances. The team winning a coin flip would get 138 out of 1,000 chances in the lottery and the other team 137 chances. More importantly, the coin flip would also determine the order should neither team be drawn in the lottery. The lottery drawing determines only the top three picks. Others then are slotted by record for picks four through 14. Phoenix and Cleveland cannot move up to the second spot in the lottery. And it is unlikely they would drop to the fifth spot. Cleveland's remaining games are against Philadelphia (32-47), Miami (63-16) and Charlotte (18-61). Phoenix closes the season against Minnesota (29-50), Houston (44-35) and Denver (54-25).