Kyrie Irving is sporting a swollen, purple right eye, but his nose is straight. And that's all that matters to the Cavaliers point guard. Even so, Irving will have to wear a protective face mask for about two weeks, he said, after learning Friday that he suffered a broken nose when he was elbowed by the Timberwolves' Corey Brewer during the first quarter of Cleveland's game in Minnesota on Wednesday. "It hurt pretty bad, but the only thing I was worried about was my appearance," Irving joked before Cleveland's game against Charlotte. "It hurt a lot, but I got up and our trainer Steve (Spiro) came up to me, and I said, 'Steve, just tell me how my nose looks. Just give it to me straight.' He said it was pretty swollen on my right side, but I looked in the mirror and I was pretty OK with it." Technically, it's a minimally displaced right nasal fracture, but it marks the second time in as many years that Irving has had a fractured bone in his face. Last year, he suffered a fractured upper jaw after a hard fall when driving to the basket, and wore the same protective mask he will be donning this season. "Your peripheral vision kind of gets taken out," Irving said. "It's an adjustment I have to get used to, once again. But I'm just blessed that I can still go out there and play with this injury. I'm going to go out there and give it my all with the mask on." This is the first injury Irving has suffered this season, though the third-year player has a history of various maladies. Last season he missed 23 games with a broken finger and hyperextended knee; he also fractured his jaw. In the summer before the season began, he broke his hand when he slapped a padded wall in frustration during a practice. His rookie season, he missed 15 games with a concussion and a shoulder injury.