General Manager Chris Grant is disappointed in the Cavaliers’ 16-29 record and said the team played “terrible” on this recently concluded homestand, but he believes the right pieces are here to turn the season around. “The lack of effort is just not acceptable,” Grant said. “It’s not who we are and who we want to be. It’s got to be addressed head-on. There’s no excuses for that, but we’ve seen our guys compete and execute consistently and that’s really what we’ve got to do a better job of.” Grant’s appearance in front of the media Wednesday was rare. It’s just the second time during his tenure, which dates to the summer of 2010, that he addressed reporters in season when it didn’t relate to a trade or trade deadline. The only other time was Dec. 10, 2010, when the Cavs were in the midst of losing 36-of-37 games. “We’re in a tough stretch,” Grant said. “We came off that West Coast trip and that Denver game. We played really good basketball and even in this tough stretch we’ve played a half or two of good basketball. Unfortunately, we haven’t played two full halves. All we can do is continue to stress and push that. We know it’s there because we’ve done it and we have to hold people accountable to it.” Here are excerpts of a wide-ranging interview, including owner Dan Gilbert’s feelings on the season and how active the Cavs will be at the trade deadline: On how Gilbert feels about this season: “He wants to win. He’s supportive. He understands. He’s very involved — as far as asking questions and debating and talking — but in the right way, what we all would expect. He’s been great, but at the same time, yeah, he wants us to win, as do we.” On whether coach Mike Brown is connected to this team: “Mike has done a fantastic job with these guys individually. He spends an enormous amount of time watching film with guys, teaching, coaching, so it’s something that I believe he has connected with the guys. I see them respond in practice and you see that connection on the floor.”