They say competition brings out the best in everyone, and one week into the season Wilson Ramos and Kurt Suzuki appear to be taking that to heart. The Nationals' two catchers, splitting time behind the plate 50-50, have made the most of what playing time they've gotten so far. The end result: Perhaps the most-productive catching corps in the majors. The two backstops really took off over the weekend in Cincinnati. Ramos was the offensive star of Saturday's 11-inning victory, clubbing a pair of home runs to lead the Nationals to a 7-6 win. Suzuki then accounted for all of the Nats' offense in Sunday's 6-3 loss, launching a three-run homer in the top of the second (not to mention adding a couple of doubles for good measure). Put it all together and these two are producing at a level befitting a middle-of-the-order slugger, not a tandem No. 8 hitter... AB H 2B HR RBI AVG OBP SLG OPS Ramos 9 4 0 2 3 .444 .583 1.111 1.694 Suzuki 9 3 2 1 3 .333 .400 .889 1.289 TOTAL 18 7 2 3 6 .389 .476 1.000 1.476 How's that combined stat line look? Not too shabby. Davey Johnson acknowledged at the end of spring training that keeping both Ramos and Suzuki fresh and content with their playing time will be among his toughest challenges this season. So far, each catcher can make a reasonable case for getting more playing time. Each, though, has said all the right things about the situation and is taking steps to keep himself active on days when the other guy is behind the plate.