Astros catching prospect Max Stassi has had a tough time with injuries in his career, the last of them a fastball that caught him in the face in August for what still stands as the only RBI he’s collected as a big leaguer. That type of injury, of course, isn’t exactly one that a few extra stretches could have helped him avoid. Stassi turns 23 next month, and he thinks the suggestion he’s injury prone is a false one. “It’s just kind of an unfortunate label that people label me as but I quite frankly don’t really care what people think,” Stassi said. “I know how my body feels. People can say whatever they want. … All that’s in the past now. I feel 100 percent, ready to go.” As capable as Jason Castro is, Stassi might be the Astros’ catcher of the future. He was part of the Jed Lowrie traded with the A’s last February, and he came over with a power bat and high-rated receiving skills. The California native hit a career-high 17 home runs in just 76 games at Class AA Corpus Christi. Ten of the homers came in a 15-game stretch in July. Stassi underwent hernia surgery last spring, an operation that he believes and hopes cured the root ailment of oblique issues he’s dealt with. His career-high for games played in a season is 110.