Everyone is talking about it, so I guess we should too. John Gibbons has said that R.A. Dickey will have a 'personal catcher', making it sound likely that J.P. Arencibia will be sitting on the bench on opening day. I do like the idea of the backup catcher caddying one of the the starting pitchers and taking his day each time through the rotation. The regular catcher should have a day off, every few, and this takes the decision out of the manager's hand to pick when the starting rests, though a former catcher like Gibbons should be able to figure it out without too much trouble. I'll admit, I'm not sure that the Jays won't change their minds and decide to let JP try to catch the butterflies. They have said that he'll catch the first spring game that R.A. throws. And R.A. and J.P. (why can't people give kids real names?) are both going to be on Team USA for the WBC (take all the initials in that sentence and build your own words). I'd imagine Arencibia will be catching him there. The other US catchers are Joe Mauer (who I'd expect won't catch much) and Jonathan Lucroy (who I don't think has any experience with the knuckleball either). If JP does well, maybe he'll convince the Jays that he should be allowed to take him for the season.