Nothing gets past a casino. Casinos make sure to monitor every square inch of their space, with cameras located in just about every corner. Ray Rice and his fiancée, Janay Palmer, learned that this weekend. According to the police report from Rice and Palmer's arrest at an Atlantic City casino, authorities were able to see what happened in the couple's incident. "After reviewing surveillance footage it appeared both parties were involved in a physical altercation," the police report states, via The Baltimore Sun. "The complaint summons indicates that both Rich and Palmer struck each other with their hands. The responding officer signed a simple assault complaint against both Rice and Palmer." In today's 24/7 media world, a lot of people will likely find out whether that account is accurate or not. It's practically inevitable this video will surface on the web. An earlier Deadspin report (citing "tipsters," mind you) stated that Palmer spat on Rice, which caused him to react with a punch. The Baltimore Sun's Justin Fenton reported that the police handling this case noted that nothing like the Deadspin story is in the original report.