General manager Brian Cashman hasn’t been scouring the market for a first baseman since learning Sunday that Mark Teixeira’s wrist injury was different than what the team previously believed and surgery hasn’t been ruled out. “The bottom line is it doesn’t change anything,” Cashman said. “The time frame hasn’t changed.” The Yankees have been holding out hope rest and rehab will be enough to get Teixeira back in May, and that remains the case even with the new information Cashman received over the weekend. Teixeira has roughly a 25-to-30 percent chance of needing season-ending surgery to fix the partially torn sheath of the tendon in his right wrist, but a decision on that won’t be made at least until May, when the eight-to-10 week window closes on his recovery time. “If we knew he wouldn’t be back, it would be a different story,” the general manager said. “But for now, we’re going to play it out.”