Brian Cashman spilled the beans on what he called "a significant offer" to Robinson Cano, but then quickly clammed up saying, “I’m not going to comment anymore.” He didn’t have to, Scott Boras did the talking for him. Minutes after the Yankees GM accidentally revealed the Yanks had broken tradition and offered the potential free agent a contract, the second baseman’s agent poured water all over it, telling, “Robinson is focused on preparing for and playing the 2013 season. By agreement, discussions shall remain confidential. Also by agreement, discussions will cease if they are a distraction to Robinson's performance and leadership of the 2013 Yankees.” Less than 10 days ago, Hal Steinbrenner said the Yankees were “willing to consider a significant long-term contract” for the 30-year-old Cano, and Thursday Cashman said they had — by mistake. “We’ve made a significant offer,” Cashman said moments after revealing the same information during a radio interview. “That’s what I thought Hal said to everybody. Oh well.” Pressed for details about the offer, Cashman quickly clammed up. “I’m not going to comment any more,” Cashman said. “I thought Hal announced that we made a significant offer and we’ve had a few conversations. I thought I was restating Hal’s stuff. If I said a little more, that’s all I’m saying.” Read more: