Carson Wentz enjoyed the highs in Philadelphia: He was a frontrunner for MVP honors as the Eagles quarterback in 2017 and revived that talk with his play in 2019.

And Wentz endured the lows: He suffered a devastating knee injury, was benched by the Eagles three years after that and traded a few months later.

It was, Wentz said, a “whirlwind.”

What once looked like the makings of a long, successful marriage dissolved abruptly.

Wentz, now with the Washington Commanders, will face the Eagles on Sunday for the first time since his trade to the Indianapolis Colts before the 2021 season.

Before he does, it’s worth remembering just what that "whirlwind" looked like in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia traded with Miami, and then Cleveland, to move from the 13th pick to second. In the end, the Eagles gave up two players -- corner Byron Maxwell and linebacker Kiko Alonso -- and six draft picks.

But they did it for a simple reason: “One player can change your team,” general manager Howie Roseman told reporters after the draft.

They swooned over Wentz. Roseman relayed a story from a trip to Fargo, North Dakota -- Wentz played collegiately at North Dakota State -- about overhearing a conversation at dinner. Roseman had briefly stepped out of a restaurant and, when he returned, he caught the end of an exchange.

“I saw the manager and the hostess talking to each other and saying, 'Carson is just the greatest guy. He's always so humble, and he's always so appreciative of all of us here.' And they didn't know what we were doing or why we're there," Roseman said.