Derek Carr had no limitations on the first day of the Raiders’ offseason program and doesn’t expect to have any Tuesday. He’s back and the quarterback hopes to be better than every. “I feel great,” Carr said during a news conference at the team’s practice facility. “I’ve been running, jumping, throwing, cutting, everything, so I’m ready to rock. I’m ready to do absolutely everything.” Carr added that he’s “truly blessed that it wasn’t worse” when he fractured his right fibula in the Raiders’ Christmas Eve win over the Indianapolis Colts. The recovery’s been such a blur that he’s lost when thinking about timelines, but said it was a relief when he was able to ditch his crutches. “Then I could be a human again. Then I could walk around,” Carr said. “I think I really took for granted just picking my kids up and taking them to their room.” What he can’t take for granted is the team’s remaining days in Oakland. The Raiders, as approved last month in a 31-1 vote, are bound for relocation in Las Vegas by 2020. Their future in the East Bay is murky, with them scheduled to play in the Coliseum in 2017 and owning an option for 2018. The bridge year in 2019 is wide open. Carr and all involved with the Raiders have a tough road to weave as they look to embrace their new fans in the desert while not alienating the locals.