Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter insisted he has not abandoned hope of returning to the mound, but allowed at a morning press conference that he has no answers about why his problematic nerve disorder has returned or how he may address it. Appearing at Busch Stadium a week after the club announced he would not be reporting as scheduled to spring training, Carpenter said he would not pursue additional surgery to alleviate a condition that has followed him for much of his 10 years with the organization. The most recent recurrence left his hand discolored, his shoulder painful and one side of his face partly numb. Carpenter said recent throwing sessions left him able to throw with 75 percent velocity with no command. "I knew," he said about the telltale indicators. A veteran of eight surgeries within a 15-year career, Carpenter said he plans to consult soon with team medical supervisor Dr. George Paletta but has yet to be examined. The return of symptoms has so bothered Carpenter that he admitted he has not returned two calls from teammate Adam Wainwright. He e-mailed teammates about 20 minutes before the club made its Feb. 4 announcement. "I haven’t been through it one time," he said. "It’s been three or four times." Optimistic about his condition during last month’s Winter Warm-up, Carpenter said he progressed through long toss and early throws without complication. However, familiar issues resurfaced when he increased his exertion. The fresh onset of symptoms devastated the 2005 NL Cy Young Award winner, who contributed more than 273 innings to the team’s run to the 2011 World Series championship. He consented to surgery in Dallas last July and emerged from an expedited rehab to make three postseason starts, winning one. "It was supposed to be fine," Carpenter said about his arm.