As the 2012 season came to a close, there was disappointment and missed opportunities. Ultimately finishing 7-9, today we start our look back at the year that was -- and grade the players that made up the Carolina Panthers' quarterback position. On grading: Throughout the reviews we will be giving a letter grade to a player's performance based on their role on the team in 2012. Expectation is factored into this, as well as performance. This could mean that a role player who had an amazing season ultimately gets a higher grade than a starter who played well. This isn't a binary 'Player X > Player Y', but rather an understanding to look inside a player's role on a team, and whether they executed it well. Cam Newton The bar was set impossibly high for Cam Newton entering his second year in the NFL. The term 'sophomore slump' was an over-simplification bandied about by those who realized that reaching those record-breaking numbers again would be near impossible. Often attributed to defenses 'working out' a player's ability, this wasn't the case for Newton early-season. It's hard to know where the blame truly lies -- but we do know that 2012 was a Jekyll and Hyde season for #1.