'Continuity' is the tenuous phrase being liberally applied to most moves by the Carolina Panthers this off-season. A phrase, it seems, that only applies when it suits the situation. Bringing back Sean McDermott and Ron Chudzinski was pitched as 'continuity', yet firing wide receiver coach Fred Graves wasn't (despite Brandon LaFell having his best season as a receiver. It's acceptable to believe the team thought there were better people available, but the latest pitch of Mike Shula as continuity doesn't hold water. Step back from the hiring objectively and Carolina made the least qualified hiring they could. With the exception of quarterback coach, he's a man who has failed at every stop in his coaching career -- whether it was as an offensive coordinator in Tampa Bay, or a head coach in Alabama. Excuses can be made for these failings, but they're just that -- excuses. Arguments can be made for the lack of offensive talent the Buccaneers had during his tenure, but it's important to note the wholesale offensive improvements they made in 2000 -- after he was fired. Pat Shurmur, formerly of the St. Louis Rams took a team with a lack of talent, and made them effective -- that's why more than one team was interested in him.