After running through quite a bit of resources at the quarterback position over the past two years, the Carolina Panthers have squeezed themselves between a rock and a hard place for 2022—and it might be the same rock and hard place they were in for 2021.

During his interview on Thursday for WFNZ’s The Clubhouse with Kyle Bailey, general manager Scott Fitterer addressed the conundrum under center. But, whoever’s they have there to start the new campaign, the team knows they have to improve the offensive line in getting there.

“We definitely need to stabilize the position,” Fitterer said about the quarterback spot. “A lot of that’s gonna start up front, we have to protect the quarterback. The one thing about Sam [Darnold], is Sam’s got a good skill set. So we have to help him. He can’t have guys in his face all the time. So when we go into the year, whether it’s Cam [Newton], whether we go out and trade for a quarterback, whether we draft one—we’re gonna do something at the position at some point here.”

Fitterer’s unprompted mention of Newton, whose return for next season seems unlikely at this point, is rather intriguing.