Carmelo Anthony returned to the court Monday night against Golden State, still not knowing exactly what’s wrong with his right knee and unable to unequivocally state that he is back to stay. That was the sobering news as the Knicks opened a treacherous five-game trip by getting blitzed, 92-63, at Oracle Arena. Before this team-wide offensive abomination unfolded, Anthony was in good spirits, talking about using this week to get his legs back. Clearly, he needs to do that. Against the Warriors, he couldn’t get his shot to fall and had the usual conditioning problems you’d expect after he missed the last three games. But he also dropped a little bombshell beforehand when asked what the team doctors had finally determined was causing fluid to build up on the knee, resulting in stiffness in the leg. “Nobody can really give me an exact answer,’’ he said. Uh-oh. When a player admits that, he needs a second opinion, post haste. Why Anthony hasn’t gone that route is a mystery. Not knowing what’s wrong with the knee has to be pretty alarming. It also follows that he really can’t say, at this juncture, that he’s home free. Which, he did. “No surgery,’’ he said, defiantly. “None of that.’’ To which we’ll add, we’ll see. Read more: