Carmelo Anthony is still a star in New York City. Trust me, the lifetime Knicks fan and native Manhattanite I sit next to at work won’t shut up about him and how unfair it is he hasn’t signed with an NBA team yet.

“How the hell is Michael Beasley on an NBA team and not Melo,” is a common theme around these parts.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving appear to agree with this refrain, as Frank Isola of The Athletic reports the star duo are “pushing” the Nets to sign Anthony. Given Wilson Chandler’s 25-game suspension, a forward signing of some kind would certainly make sense for Brooklyn. From Isola’s most recent column:

The Brooklyn Nets remain interested in potentially signing Anthony, who recently trained with a group of their players in Los Angeles, including Kyrie Irving. In fact, one source told The Athletic that Irving and Kevin Durant, who both joined the Nets in July, are “pushing” the club to sign Anthony.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: Carmelo Anthony returning to New York to play with the Nets would be a horrible decision for Brooklyn. Yes, a lot of that statement has to do with the fact that Melo is no longer a good player; stripped of his athletic ability to create space in the mid-range game, he’s now a pull-up shooter at best, and shooting (34.7 percent career average from deep) has never been his strong suit. And despite his eloquent soliloquy on ESPN explaining why he will be a good teammate for the next franchise that signs him (were his fingers crossed behind his back?), the truth is that hasn’t been his strong suit either.