As Carmelo Anthony looks for the opportunity to continue his NBA career, he would "1,000 percent" welcome the opportunity to play alongside good friend LeBron James.

Anthony told ESPN's Stephen A. Smith on Friday's First Take that teaming up with James would be the culmination of a discussion years in the making:

"One thousand percent. We've talked about it since we were 18, 19 years old.

"We reached out to a lot of people. The Lakers has been one of them. The Clippers has been one of them. We reaching out, we talking, it's dialogues with certain teams. I don't want to get into specifics, but there's conversations."

The 2012-13 NBA scoring champ added that winning a championship is still a goal for him, though he would want to join a team that gives him the opportunity to truly play.

James and Anthony entered the league together in 2003. James went No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Anthony was drafted third by the Denver Nuggets. Chris Bosh (No. 4) and Dwyane Wade (No. 5) were also part of that historic draft class.