Somebody on the Knicks needs to remind Carmelo Anthony what MVP stands for. That's Most Valuable Player, Carmelo. Not Most Volatile. Months from now, we may look back at the first Celtics-Knicks game of the season as the night Anthony's chances of being MVP ended. The ugly picture of him losing his cool and trying to run down Kevin Garrett in the Boston locker room and at his bus outside Madison Square Garden will be embedded in the minds of voters. Yes, Garnett shouldn't be allowed to do what he does, including his reported vulgar comments about Anthony's estranged wife. By now you would have thought David Stern would have come down hard on Garnett. Still, Anthony, who was suspended one game by the NBA on Wednesday, knew going in that Garnett was going to do something like that. But instead, he let Garnett's words get to him and he lost his poise, shooting 6-for-26 as the Knicks lost. As teammate Marcus Camby said afterward, you can't succumb to Garnett's tactics. Especially when you're the best player on a team with championship designs. It's time to mellow out. Being an MVP involves more than just scoring a lot of points, Carmelo. * Some unsolicited advice to the Nets: Forget about Dwight Howard. The notion that Howard could be available now that he supposedly crossed Kobe Bryant (a good way to make yourself an ex-Laker), and the Nets willingness to resume their chase of him, must be mind-boggling to Nets fans.