Some players just hate to walk away from the game, regardless of how much they’re declining. Carmelo Anthony is one of them. Melo came back and signed with the Portland Trail Blazers last season after playing only 10 games in 2018 with the Houston Rockets.

Anthony struggled to find work in 2018 and 2019 before Portland decided to take a flyer on him, and he proved to the rest of the league that he could still play at a decent level, although not the All-Star level and vintage Melo we all came to love.

He had a terrific year in his return to the NBA and played big minutes for Portland down the stretch, but the 2020-2021 NBA season hasn’t been so kind to Carmelo Anthony, and some are left to wonder if the 19-year veteran is washed.

It’s not an unreasonable argument, especially if you tune in and watch a Blazers game or two. His shooting percentage is a career-low 36 percent and his points per game are also a career-low at just 11.6 a game.