Carmelo Anthony said he took a “huge risk’’ this offseason in opting not to have left-shoulder surgery and claimed he also had a torn rotator cuff to go along with a partially torn labrum. Anthony said he’s “ecstatic’’ it has all worked out because he feels no pain so far through two preseason games. Coach Mike Woodson gave him Saturday night off against the Celtics at Verizon Wireless Arena in a 111-81 loss in the second night of a back-to-back. “It was all types of stuff going on in there’’ Anthony said in his first detailed remarks on his decision this summer. “It was messed up.’’ Anthony said he played with the shoulder injury throughout the playoffs. Anthony said he believes he injured the shoulder against the Pacers late in the regular season when they needed the win to clinch the second seed. “I was a little naïve’’ said Anthony who struggled with his 3-point shot in the playoffs and crumbled in the fourth quarters of the games in Indianapolis. “I kind of felt it was torn or something like that when it first happened. Once it happened I knew something was wrong with it.’’ After the second-round loss to Indiana Anthony found out how severe the injury was after an MRI exam and chose to rehab it. It was a close call. “I’m ecstatic going from a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum to not needing surgery’’ Anthony said. “Let me take that back. Taking a risk in not taking surgery and letting it heal on its down. I took a huge risk in doing that. It meant I had to put more time in the offseason to do what I had to do to get it right.’’ Anthony said a daily exercises and rehab treatments got the twin tears to eventually heal.