Barring an 11th-hour deal, Carmelo Anthony will remain with the Knicks next week when the team holds their annual media day to tip off the start of training camp. So while the message is one of rebuilding and looking toward the future, the focus will stay on Carmelo’s uncertain status and the dysfunction that intensified during the Phil Jackson era. Or error. Take your pick. In July, a source familiar with the negotiations between the Knicks and Houston Rockets told The Daily News that the teams had discussed parameters of a potential trade, and that the deal was on the “two-yard line.” To be this close and not hit paydirt is something only Giants head coach Ben McAdoo and Eli Manning can truly appreciate. If Jackson doesn’t get fired, the deal likely would have been completed. But things got complicated quickly, much to the chagrin of Camp Melo. The Knicks under new team president Steve Mills and new general manager Scott Perry are well within their right to wait for the best deal possible before finally sending Carmelo on his way. The problem, however, is that Carmelo has limited his trade list to one team, the Rockets. So, unless Houston can find someone to take Ryan Anderson’s contract (he’s owed over $60M over the next three seasons), Carmelo is stuck in limbo.